A new look

InfectionNet has a new look and hopefully some new followers.

After a reasonably long and patient courtship with Drupal, we have cast it aside in favour of WordPress. Terry (the web design master) and I think infectionNet scrubs up quite well with her new content management software. There is a bit of tweaking yet to do so don’t fret over a bit of messed up formatting.

The elements are all still there – articles, notes from medical school lectures and laboratory protocols and I have added some important new sections. Therapy guidelines are derived from the Vancouver Island Health Authority’s Antimicrobial Review Committee’s empiric guidelines that were produced during a recent collaborative antibiotic stewardship effort at Cowichan District Hospital.

The Discussions section has been revamped and, hopefully, is a more user-friendly way of finding answers to your questions and to interact with peers. It is now easy to sign up with your Facebook or Google IDs and have your say.

The Cases section is very lean on content at present but there are plenty of interesting cases and they need display. Keep checking back, or better yet tell me about yours.

Be sure to sign up for email updates, and follow us on twitter as infectionNet is going to be much more proactive and interactive. If you have any suggestions at all please let me know using the contact form.