Stool culture rejection comments


Formed stool received. Test cancelled.


This specimen has not been processed as a specimen collected on the same day has already been processed


Multiple specimens received. Only the most recently collected specimen has been processed.

ME3D – Enteric 3 days or> in hospital

Patient has been hospitalized for 3 days or more.

Because infectious diarrhea caused by normal bacterial and protozoal pathogens is extremely unlikely to be acquired in hospital, ova and parasite and culture examination will not be performed.

If the sample is diarrheal a C. difficile cytotoxin assay will be performed. If you feel a nosocomial outbreak is occurring please contact the Infection Control Officer. If there are unusual circumstances warranting a culture or ova and parasite exam please contact the microbiology laboratory.”

MFSCDT – Enteric formed CDT not done

Specimen consisted of FORMED STOOL which indicates that C. difficile testing is not warranted. If examination seems clinically indicated, please contact the microbiology laboratory.

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